Byron and I drove to our county seat today to pay our taxes and we did so with a smile.  WHY, you say ?   Because we are grateful that :

…..we own property when so many don’t

…..we have vehicles that get us there and back

…..we have law enforcement who protect us from the  ” bad guys ”

…..we have fire departments that , heaven forbid, respond if needed

…..we have emergency responders who save lives , maybe ours one day

…..we have county/city employees who  clean, repair, and maintain our public spaces

…..and we have city/county office staff who keep our county running day by day

…..we have  local officials that we elect who make tough decisions day in and day out—-and never satisfy everybody

…..we have schools that do more than educate our children ; they ensure the quality of life in our community

…..we have the freedom to NOT own property and therefore pay no property taxes

…..and others to ponder .

And add to that the friendly, professional , and efficient staff in the Tax Commissioner’s office.

DISCLAIMER  :  my smiles are for property taxes at the local level. As a non-partisan, moderate independent, I find the situation at the national level , at the very least, disheartening.   Adults who are elected to represent their constituency in all matters, including, but not limited to, spending, but instead spend their time in-fighting over agendas, give me no reason to smile.  Enough said !

But let me be clear.  I believe that the value received for our local tax money far outweighs the amount paid.  In other words, IT’S A DEAL…………………..