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May 6th, 2024|4 Comments

No endorsement, no preferences indicated, no swaying of opinions  already made based on fact and sound reasoning.  Simply a statement of those traits that I value in any leader at any level in any capacity. [...]


April 26th, 2024|4 Comments

Moving on through the years from my childhood to my adulthood, living the inevitable changes in society, culture, and relationships , I believe,  for the most part, the progress is positive, but the challenge is [...]

THE WAY IT WAS : part 2……

April 14th, 2024|2 Comments

___________________________ These blogs , THE WAY IT WAS , are simply my perspective of the 40s and 50s in a small town in the South.  No fiction.  Just one story after another on a very [...]


March 15th, 2024|8 Comments

And, you say, exactly what is  " moderate middle " ?  And I respond that it is the ability to see both sides, to weigh what might be the greatest good for the greatest number, [...]