If  you’re looking for  ” feel good ” and  ” warm and fuzzy ” ,   this is not for you.  What comes up comes out, and at this time I find myself tired of so many things , many that could be corrected with just a little concern for others.

I am tired of :

…..partisan politics where consensus has died and agendas preempt constituency needs.

…..potholes on major roads, especially the interstate.

…..talking heads of television, who intertwine opinion and fact , so that we get led down a rabbit hole.

…..fickle football fans who desert, criticize, and humiliate their teams /coaches when they lose.

…..aggressive and angry drivers, who push from the rear, pass on the right, and ignore yield and stop signs.

…..people who use information as power ; wrong information can be disastrous.

…..public parking lots that are poorly designed and therefore quite dangerous.


…..self-serving and self-righteous religious organizations, including, but not limited to, churches.

….. local elected government officials who don’t have the courtesy to respond to a text or email if only with a ” got it “——-but grateful for those who do.  AND I VOTE !!!!!!

…..the culture of entitlement ( me ,  first and only )  that is prevalent in our nation.

Yes, I am tired——–but I am also truly blessed.

I have Byron, who has , for 63 years  , been the wind beneath my wings in more ways than I can count.  We have two children who chose their true loves wisely, brought respect to their chosen professions, and love their mama through the good times and the bad.  We have six grands  ( and one newborn ” great ”  ) who have brought us nothing but pride and pleasure.  I have dear friends, from birth through this aging————-and we have Gracie, who is the icing on the cake !

TIRED  ????     Yes, I’m tired of the negativity, the angst, the hostility, and the nastiness.   But my glass is generally half-full, and for that, I’m grateful.

Just a down moment……………