FAITH IS  FEAR THAT’S SAID ITS PRAYERS, words of wisdom created by a master teacher, a college professor , our son’s Godfather  , and a gentleman and a scholar.

Back in the day when I was a young , yet passionate , English teacher at Winder-Barrow High School, I was privileged to have him as my mentor, role model, and dear friend who made my journey so much easier.  His name was J. Fred Power, but, fondly, known as  “J-Bone ”  by students and staff alike.

“J-Bone ” taught high school English, high school business, and moved on to become a professor of English at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus.  He was , by consensus , considered the college poet laureate and taught there until his retirement in 1983.

One of his students happened to be Franklin/Hart counties’  very own Georgia Representative ,  Alan Powell.

But here’s my story.

” J-Bone ” wrote the class poem for the  WBHS graduating class of 1962 and in it is the line,  FAITH IS FEAR THAT’S SAID ITS PRAYERS.

Has there ever been a more profound , albeit simple, statement of what faith is truly all about ?

Our nation and our world are in turmoil.  Our elected officials at the national level seem more concerned with standing ground than reaching consensus.  Our churches are losing membership and attendance.  Our politics is over-reaching and hostile.  Our TV talking heads lead us down a rabbit hole, both left and right.  Our patriotism seems to be at an all-time low.  Peace seems a far-reach.

But ” J-Bone  ” said it best.

The answer is the faith that comes from our darkest fears, the very faith that carried our founding fathers and our grandparents and our churches and our good folks through other trying times.  It is the faith that sustains us when turmoil is the greatest.  Perhaps it is safe to say that the frightening state of our world and nation does not lie so much with naysayers and evil-doers as with those of us of little faith.

Maybe we all need to look in the mirror and say,  ” Is it I, Lord ? ”

Perhaps you know a better way, but for me and mine, I believe that faith through prayers is the answer to our fears.

And what better time of the year to put our faith to work , allay our fears, and be thankful for the good things.

Lo, those many years ago, at Winder-Barrow High School, a much-loved teacher penned these parting words for a  senior class :  FAITH IS FEAR THAT’S SAID ITS PRAYERS.

Thank you, ” J-Bone  ” !