No chronological order here;  just random tales as always.

As principal, I was standing under the arches one early morning in the early fall, hoping to visually reassure parents and grandparents of newly arrived freshmen, knowing it wasn’t easy to send their babies to the ” big school”.  This was the drop-off for car-riders.  Buses were on the other side of the parking lot.

An SUV pulled up with a grandmother driving.  Before getting out, her grandson , probably 14 years old , leaned over to kiss her good-bye.  When he walked up the steps toward me, I noticed his bright pink shirt which said,  ” REAL MEN WEAR PINK “.  As he approached, I said to him, ” REAL MEN KISS THEIR PRINCIPAL “.  And so he did, right there in front of God and everybody——–right on my left cheek !

I never knew who he was, out of some 1200 students enrolled.  But I know this beyond a shadow of doubt : he’s comfortable with himself and is a success at whatever he’s about as an adult.


At one point at FCHS we had two sets of identical twin boys with the same first names :  Donnie and Ronnie Banks and Donnie and Ronnie Scoggin, two black and two white.

One winter night I was game manager for a home basketball game.  I always sat on the gym floor in the corner near the dressing rooms, so I could observe the entire crowd, especially our students.  I observed Ronnie and Donnie walking down the steps toward me, one white and one black.  Oops !  Could it have been Donnie and Ronnie ?  Or perhaps it was Ronnie and Ronnie ?  Who knows ?  It probably was Donnie and Donnie !  I didn’t know then and I don’t know now.  I just simply said, ” Hey, Honey “.


I was a brand new assistant principal at the high school and Jack was the newly hired principal, coming from Mississippi.  I also was the first and only female administrator.

One morning Jack was in his office with several male visitors, and he asked me to join them.  When I stepped in, he was standing, facing me with some 3 or 4 gentlemen to his left.  I noticed that his pants were unzipped !  Being NEW and FEMALE, I was flabbergasted, but knew that as his assistant  ( and always having his back ),  I should do something.  But what ?  And how ?

So———–I eased out, wrote a note explaining the situation, handed it to Jack, and he reads aloud,  ” DON’T LOOK DOWN, BUT YOUR PANTS ARE UNZIPPED !! ”

So much for discretion—————

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