See if you agree with my definitions of Facebook followers.  And if your ideas are different, please comment.

—–people with something to say

—–those who share special photos and thoughts of family and friends


—–anonymous followers

—–wannabe writers


—–re-post specialists



—–true friends

—–just plain folks enjoying the contacts


…………………………………….I admit that my blood pressure gets high on occasion, that I often respond when I shouldn’t, that I un-follow when a post goes “over the top”, but it is what it is : a way to connect that we were not privy to in years gone by.  Like everything in life, it has its positives and negatives.

But the contacts from my long-ago past that have been renewed through social media are priceless.  In particular, I am thankful for my  “in-the-60s ” Winder Barrow High School senior English students, my far-away and often disconnected relatives, my young adult grands that I don’t see as often, and , as time moves on, my Franklin County High School peers and students.  And there are others.

” Ain’t no way I’m giving that up !!!!!! “