Tomorrow ( Sunday ) our family will have a picnic at Victoria Bryant State Park to celebrate some NINE November/December birthdays, following the guidelines of the CDC. It will be different in some ways, but not in the way that counts : being together as a family, a tradition that, hopefully, will never die.

Back in the day when I was a very young first-year teacher, teaching English at Winder-Barrow High School, I learned to appreciate the poetry of Robert Browning. The poets so often say it best, and Browning was a master.

One of my favorite lines is from a poem of his, ” Pippa Passes “, and it’s simply said , but with profound meaning. ” GOD’S IN HIS HEAVEN; ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD “. Later, as principal of Franklin County High School, I often started or ended the school day with this quote on the intercom, just as a reminder ……….

But that is not Browning’s line that I am remembering today, but, rather, his quote from ” Rabbi Ben Ezra ” . ” GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME; THE BEST IS YET TO BE “. Not words that young adults would give much thought to, but that speak loudly and clearly to this grandmother of six.

Which brings me to the first of my journey with grands: Isaac’s birth in DC, June, 1994, followed in six months by Haley Sue’s arrival. And then within the next couple of years, they came, TWO-BY-TWO, just like Noah and his ark ! For this ” only-child ” grandmother, it was amazing, overwhelming, and surreal. I couldn’t conceive of such a legacy.

But it was—-and is—-for real. Isaac is an ordained Presbyterian minister; Haley Sue is a music therapist; John Luther is a senior law student at UGA; Will has just completed his MBA ; Lucy co-teaches middle school science ; C’Lee is employed in the Academic Enhancement department at UGA. I continue to be six times blessed while clearly understanding that this journey is far from over, and the path can become treacherous.

And so it began. And so it continues as we gather together, holding fast to those virtues that bind a family : love, respect, tolerance, and patience———-a whole lot of patience !!!!!

Am I a proud and happy grandmother ? You betcha……………

And so I challenge each of you to appreciate the moment, enjoy your journey, and ” GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME; THE BEST IS YET TO BE “.

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