One of the fun things about memories is picking up the ones you want and putting down the ones you don’t.

My first year as Assistant Principal at the high school taught me many things, and one was that football games for administrators were not times to sit with other fans and cheer the home team on to victory.  Oh, no, home games were work ;  crowd management was a challenge and rarely did the evening go smoothly.

I was determined to make Principal Jack Slaton and Superintendent Travis Moon proud of me, happy that they had hired me as the first- ever female, thinking that I was both competent and had common sense.    SO MUCH FOR THAT PERCEPTION  !!!!!!

At some point during the evening of my first game management,  in the midst of hundreds of people, students and general public alike, I spotted one of our older students with something in his hand that he kept showing to other students.  He would call other kids over, open his fist, and look expectantly for the response.  NO takers that I observed , but I knew, beyond a doubt, that I had spotted a drug dealer.

I immediately looked for and found a deputy, and he and I pulled the questionable student aside.

I was absolutely positive that this kid was both scared and embarrassed, seeing his future at the high school going down the tube as he rotted away in jail. And it was my defining moment , proving that I could handle the position of public school administrator.

The deputy, who was quite a bit more experienced than I, very quietly asked the young man to show us what he was showing other people.  Expectantly, I anticipated marijuana or perhaps something even more frightening,  like heroin.

Reluctantly , the kid held out his hand and in it was a ——HOT PINK CONDOM !!!!

Teens ……………………..

Who was embarrassed  ???     You guessed it.   All that competency and common sense down the drain in one incident of overreach.    This newly appointed female high school Assistant Principal would never live it down  .

And that nice EXPERIENCED  deputy just shook his head and walked away.

If this story has a moral , it is this :   the combination of  inexperience and assumptions is rarely reliable.