So, where are you in your exposure ?

The South, but not the North ?

Country music, but not classical ?

Peers, but not older people ?

Peers, but not younger people  ?

Panama City, but not St. Simon’s ?

Protestant, but not Catholic ?

Atlanta, but not New York ?

Facebook, but not poetry ?

Democrats, but not Republicans ?

Television, but not books/magazines/newspapers ?

Home, but not travel ?

My simple definition of education is, and always has been :


If we have not made the opportunity to step outside our comfort zone, experience the uncharted, speak to the opposition, read the dissent, agree to disagree, then we remain among the uneducated.

It goes without saying that a good formal education provides some of that.  Leaving a comfortable breakfast table and attending public school affords exposure.  Certainly, leaving home to attend college provides even more.  But the book part is less valuable than the exposure to new people, new ideas, and different values.

Did I say VALUES ?????  I hope so, hence my point about what an education really is.  Being exposed to “different” should make us reflect , make us question, perhaps make us uncomfortable………but, often, will reinforce our own beliefs and our own values.    And how much more significant when those very characteristics have been challenged.  And if not, that’s an education, too  !

Book learnin’ ?  NAW !  That’s the least of education……………. Exposure teaches us what to keep and what to discard.