My jumpstart:   Be patient.  Be kind.  I’m learning.  Being a lady of the South brings its own challenges, and among them, not really knowing what a BLOG should be !

So, for starters, a word about pandemic coping, with a special  ” shout out ” to some dear people who have met the monster , acknowledged it, and moved on.  Examples of the ingenuity and resilience of everyday folk in the midst of a crisis.

My friend, Ruth, has a blog, MUSINGS FROM THE BACKPORCH.  She is, too, a lady of the South, but she, unlike me, is a deep thinker and pushes her readers to study, internalize, and broaden.  Me, I just write.

My friend, Debby, gardens and cans.  And not just a few cans of assorted veggies and fruits, but bunches——–tomatoes, beans, peas, blueberries,peaches, and if I’m inaccurate with specific types, you get the point.  Now, this is how I  “can ” : Byron goes to the grocery——–while I write.

My friend, Gayle, maintains.  The dock, the boat, the walkway, the lawn mower, the truck, the yard, the dog, the grandchildren, the files, all require continuous maintenance.  When we visit by phone, the conversation eventually leads to her next project—–while I write.

Will share next time a little of how Byron and I have managed for almost 8 months now. Must add this though :  we cruise every afternoon, just like in the fifties when we dated……….WITHOUT THE PARKING .  What a loss !

If this triggered some thoughts of your own, please share with me.  And if you like this, pass it forward.  Only gentle comments, please.