Briefly following up on what my innovative and talented friends are doing during the pandemic, here’s the other side.

Almost 8 months of sheltering has been a throwback on many levels for Byron and me.  When we married, he was in college and I was teaching.  We were poor, very poor.  Our entertainment consisted of potluck suppers and a game of bridge with other very poor friends.  Although finances are somewhat different , the situation is comparable.  We don’t eat out, we don’t socialize except with family and one or two close friends, we don’t shop except for necessities, and we are not traveling.

There is also this :  a whole lot of togetherness, 24/7 to be exact !  Coffee and a little dreaded news in the morning, his masked trip to the post office, decision on lunch  ( and dinner because it’s light for one and take-out for the other ! ), nap for me and some sort of TV sports for him  ( some historical ),  and then, THE RIDE, the highlight of our day.  We have covered every road, pig trail, path, and ( sometimes ) driveways in 4 counties and 1/2 of western South Carolina.   And as I mentioned earlier, cruising just like when we dated——–without the MUCH-ENJOYED parking of the 50s.  Some things are simply hard to give up.

Togetherness :  it has its merits.

I’d love to hear your pandemic journey.