Tuesday is Byron’s and my errand-running day, for the most part.  Beth, who’s cleaned our house ( two different houses ) for 32 years is doing her thing for about 3 1/2 hours every Tuesday morning, and she is grateful that we get out of her way.  So, we keep a ” to do ” list all week——-until Tuesday rolls around.

It’s important to note that we end our Tuesday journey at Main Street 211 virtually every week.  I have the poppy seed chicken special ALWAYS,  and Byron has chicken salad with grapes and tomatoes.  And then , for future, easy , ” do it yourself  ” meals,  I bring home white chicken chili soup and oreo pie slices !!!!!!    You just can’t beat it………………..

So, this week , off to drop Gracie at Lavonia Pet Salon for her bath, by the bank for check-cashing, then to Lavonia Animal Hospital to pick up Gracie’s medicine, and on to Hartwell for incidentals at Walmart, the ever-present stalwart of  ” all you’ll ever need ” under a single roof !

Gathered my few things while Byron headed to the market for dog food.  Gracie eats whether we do or not  , as any of you pet-lovers know and understand !  I decided to sit in the entrance, something I’ve never done before.   So, here are some lessons learned.

—–In about 15 minutes of waiting , I counted some 35 + people coming and going, including two that I knew , Frances ( Tiny ) Andrews and Jean Davison.  So happy to see both and chat for a few minutes.  Would have missed an opportunity had I not chosen to sit and wait.  Stopped counting customers while we visited ,   so my numbers may be skewed.

—–Out of the 35+, all but seven either smiled, spoke, nodded, or waved with happy thoughts like  ” Hope you’re having a good day “,  ” Nice weather we’re sharing ” ,  ” You look comfortable ” ,  ” How are you today ? ”  etc.  You get the picture  :   upbeat,  pleasant,  friendly,  and just downright uplifting !   A whole bunch of strangers being kind and attentive.  What a concept………….

—–On the other hand  ( there’s always the  “other hand ”  ) , the seven or so who chose not to reach out seemed either preoccupied,   angry,  sad,  or even arrogant.  At one time three people walked out together :  no smiles, no conversation, no packages.  Made me wonder.

Just a little piece of  life.  Just a small snapshot of human nature.  Just a reminder to me ( ESPECIALLY TO ME ) that we are noticed and noted.  And , most important of all,  however insignificant we might feel in this big ole world , what we do ——what we say—-what we model ——are  building blocks for someone, somewhere.

Lesson learned from the entryway at a Walmart !