Not really a crazy old woman who remembers the past being perfect.    No way——-

Some of the better-forgotten are :

—–a Warm Morning Heater in the living room designed to heat the entire house,

—–no air conditioning,

—–cars that almost always had mechanical issues,

—–no TV or computer,

—–one bathroom for a family of three,

—–no veterinarian in town,

—–no fast food, no curbside, no take-outs,

—–WWII, with rations, black-outs, and sad stars in too many windows,

                            and many others that I have overlooked. 


But what I do miss, among others, are these :

—–visits with family and friends without the obnoxious interruptions of cell phones and TVs,

—–church that was simply real : no videos, no tapes, no big screens.  Just people, many people,

—–small local schools, where the entire village raised the child,

—–simple telephone numbers, no fake calls, and a telephone operator who knew everything about everyone’s business.  All you had to do was ask,

—–Sunday night suppers at my grandfather’s , the Haley House , following MYF at the Methodist Church a half block away,

—–the Lavonia swimming pool and the jukebox for dancing upstairs.  A teen spot that was fun and safe.  And now there’s our city hall on that very space,

—–lightning bugs in a jar, June bugs on a string, hopscotch on the sidewalk, Red Rover, Red Rover on the school grounds, water sliding at Lavonia Beach, dancing on the Gantt’s front porch or in the Chappelear’s living room, and my friends’ parents who loved and disciplined us all,

—–my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles.  The Haleys were bright, gregarious, and earthy and the Roberts/Longs added the balance by being more refined and more genteel.  I could not have asked for a better duo !

                               It is what it is.  It is foolish to bemoan what used to be and a real waste of emotional energy.  Enjoy the memories; appreciate the foundation; treasure the love and support that the past rendered.

                                But today is today with all its wonders and all its trash.  Perhaps I can, in some way, help to make this era a good memory for my grandchildren and others————and perhaps you can, too !


                                 ( If you have memories, good or bad, please scroll down and comment.  I would love to hear some that might be a reminder to me of times past ).