Random thoughts and feelings just seem to ramble around in my head and heart at all times of the day and night.  I feel sure I’m no different from many of you.  So bear with me on this blog; it’s simply a little of this and a little of that.


……….have a difficult time believing that how well I spot a tomato in a group of peaches has anything to do with my intelligence——or lack of it.

………. there are more good people in our world than there are bad.

……….being non-partisan and independent in my thinking and politics, I have made the decision not to support  any business that advertises its political preference on its signage, literature, or advertising.  Their personal preference is their decision and their right , and I respect that.  But blatantly reaching out to one party or another commercially sends a clear message about the customers they are seeking. And I am referencing all parties and all politicians.

 ……….never cease to be amazed at how gullible we are when it comes to social media.  We jump at the chance to re-post anything that supports our opinion whether it can be documented as factual or not.  I sense, over and over again, that way too many of us are only happy when we’re UNHAPPY.  Whatever in this world has caused us to love finding fault and fear at every twist of the road ?  Blows me away……….

……….oxymorons have always intrigued me, and now more than ever.  Seeing the American flag and the Confederate flag flying high in yards and on pick-ups is the ultimate oxymoron,  up-close and personal.

……….in one of my earlier blogs I referenced Beth, who is our  “once-a-week ” housekeeper and Eddie, who is our ” whenever-we-need-him ” yard  (woods ) man, stating how very much they mean to us.  Today  a shout-out to Ken, local computer guru, who is as close as a text.  I can’t say enough about the care he takes of Byron and me and our totally dysfunctional journey into the make-believe land of virtual reality. And he’s such good company, to boot !  How blessed are we……………….

……….took a sentimental journey with Gracie late one afternoon.  Rode to and around Franklin County High School with nobody there but me.  When I was principal , I would go over once or twice a weekend just to be sure all was well.  This was different; this was personal; this was remembering.  And seeing a piece of my heart on a granite slab brought tears.  Precious times.

                                          Funny about the mind and the heart, don’t you think ?