A couple of observations that have been bouncing around in my brain off and on for several weeks.  Perhaps a little heavier than most of my posts, but, hopefully, some food for thought.  Please feel free to comment; would love to hear your take.


—–Between the pandemic and the computer, the personal touch is losing ground quickly and, perhaps, permanently.  And one is by choice and the other by necessity.  I’m not planning to pound home all the many downsides of the pandemic; we’ve all lived that in our own way.  But even if we lean toward the more cavalier approach to it, it has surely affected our relationships with others, some who are near and dear. Limiting our contacts for the last year was absolutely necessary, but its effect might be lasting.  The personal touch has diminished through no fault of our own, but diminished, never-the-less.

—–But the ever-present computer is a different scenario entirely.  It has become our choice to socialize through technology as opposed to personal contact of some sort…….with the added angst of a pandemic.  Now COVID has exacerbated that, but it was trending prior to the virus, and , unfortunately , has reached its own comfort zone :  sitting in our chair in our home, dressed  ( or undressed ! ) in clothes that we would never be seen publicly in, making contact to the entire world through social media, spouting opinions that bode no argument ( unless we choose to read a response ), and picking it up/putting it down at will.  Too easy, too convenient.  I fear that we have started on a journey that may carry us into a new world of distancing.  The personal touch has diminished, in part, because we have allowed it.

—–Now I loved growing up in the 50s in small-town Lavonia, and those of you who might have read my memoir, IT WAS WHAT IT WAS, know that.  But going back is not the answer.  Going forward is  !!!!   I hope and pray that as this terrible virus continues to trend downward, that as vaccinations ensure immunity, that as families and friends are comfortable gathering together once again———we will re-think our choices.  And in re-thinking, we will come again to understand that there is no substitute for personal contact, for face-t0-face conversation, for eye contact, for noting body language.  ZOOM , Web-X, Skype, Facetime, etc. may suffice during this crisis, but , at best, they are simply artificial.

—–I’m ready for the REAL DEAL.  Are you ?