Just some personal meanderings on what’s good and what’s bad about this world we’re living in.   Moving from the obvious  ( pandemic, job losses, terrorism ) and into the “every-day-sort-of ” highs and lows.  So here goes……..


DRIVERS : poor, dangerous, impatient, rude.  Somehow driving seems to have become not so much a means of navigating from one spot to another, but rather a competition about who can get where the quickest.  Pushing from behind, passing on the wrong side, ignoring stop signs are all indicators that safety and courtesy have long since been foregone.     BAD TIMES……….


PETS :  dogs and cats  ( and even birds, goats, llamas, ponies, and you name it ).  Animals have become family members and are treated the same with proper diet, grooming when appropriate, healthcare, and companionship.  They are non-judgmental, supportive, and loving.  They bring a sense of security and normalcy to an otherwise hectic and hurried existence by offering a sameness every day in every way.       GOOD TIMES………….


POLITICS :  angry, hostile, one-sided, greedy.  It’s not really new, of course, but rather more easily and quickly spread.  And it’s not all the politicians.  It’s simply the angriest and the nastiest are the ones who are also the loudest, and those who would choose to either compromise when possible or agree to disagree are subdued.  There is definitely work to be done.     BAD TIMES………


KINDNESS :  passing it forward, lifting the fallen, helping your neighbor.  All around, all the time, this is happening.  In our little town, a city worker reached out to a fainting pedestrian; a yard man repaired a fence not in his job assignment; a friend buys grocery gift cards anonymously for those who are struggling ;  a church feeds hungry kids every week-end;  a couple takes casseroles to those who are shut in, and on and on.  All around, all the time, this is happening.    GOOD TIMES………………


Just a few “off-the-cuff ” unrelated thoughts, purely personal.  Some of the good happenings can be enhanced if we choose to do so, and some of the bad things can be lessened if we choose to do so.

So, do we choose ?

Or do we stagnate ?