”  Oh, the Lord is good to me ,

And so I thank the Lord for giving me

The things I need,

The sun and the rain and the apple seed.

The Lord is good to me . ”



No one can say it better.  It is the simple things, with family, faith, and friends always being first in my prayers.  But moving from the majors to the minors, I am forever grateful for small blessings, those that indeed fill a need and those that just make me happy.

Thank you, God, for :

—–warm socks on a cold night

—–a dog who loves me

—–clean sheets every Tuesday

—– young adult grands who call to share good news or just to say, ” Hey ”

—–sasanquas blooming at Christmas time

—–potato  chips

—–church chimes at noon and eventide

—–a pat on the fanny from my high school sweetheart

—–garbage collectors

—–sunsets on St. Simons

—–cuddle duds

—–pop-in visits from our daughter and 8:30 Sunday morning phone calls from our son

—- fudge  ( Annette’s ) every Christmas without fail

—–snow in the woods

—–my needlepoint canvasses

—–three sweet white churches in the middle of Canon


——oreo pie from Main Street 211

—–rainy nights

—–a table of bridge once or twice a week

—–clouds that look like white cotton candy

—–sweat shirts and sweat pants

—–the dainty flowers and aroma of confederate jasmine

—–and memories , always the memories.

…………………………..” Oh, the Lord is good to me

And so I thank the Lord…….”