Ran into Peggy Berryman in Belk’s a few days ago and it took me back several years.  Remembering the many instances that the Berrymans stepped out and up to support Franklin County’s kids,  all kids,  in so many different ways.

Many of you will remember the Reverend Bobby Berryman as the man of all trades.  He pastored Fairview Baptist Church on Hwy, 17 in Lavonia  for many, many years, as did his grandfather before him.  He drove ( and maybe still does ) a school bus for the Franklin County School System.  He was  ( and maybe still is ) in charge of maintenance for Royston Elementary School.  And in all these positions,  his commitment was  ”  Do all the good you can ….. ” .    A  Methodist precept   ( John Wesley )  ,   it served Bobby  ,  the Baptist preacher ,  well as his  guiding light  for making a difference.


His wife, Peggy, was ( and is ) his helpmate, his cheerleader, his very foundation, and a force for good herself.  She worked in the Franklin County School System as a paraprofessional, and, ultimately, at the Middle School in the arena for those troubled kids who simply needed their own place and their own mentor and advisor.  Not an easy task, not easy at all, but Peggy did it with grace and wisdom——-and a lot of tough love.  She made her own mark along side Bobby.

A week or so ago, I posted on Facebook how happy I was mid-day on Tuesdays to come home to a sparkling house, thanks to our once-a-week  housekeeper of more than 30 years.  Soon after that post  she thanked me, saying how much it meant to be appreciated.  What she didn’t say was what I know :   it is indeed important to be appreciated————but it’s  also important to be recognized publicly for good works.  And so, again, Beth Spears, thank you for your faithfulness  to Byron and me throughout all these many years.  And I trust that I will see you Tuesday !!!!!!!!

We simply do not do that enough  !   Not me…… not you…… not anybody .

And so, here’s to Bobby and Peggy , a couple who spent their personal and professional lives doing for others , who often stayed in the background, and who truly understood the power of investing in the future .   I had the pleasure of serving with either or both of them on various  efforts at opening doors for kids,  all kids,  and found them to be self-sacrificing in their focus and giving in their nature.

I wish them both Godspeed………………