And, you say, exactly what is  ” moderate middle ” ?  And I respond that it is the ability to see both sides, to weigh what might be the greatest good for the greatest number, and agree to disagree in a respectful manner.  And, ultimately, to reach a consensus . I believe myself to be a moderate in lifestyle, faith, decision-making, and politics.

A Congress and a White House without extremes would be a blessing……….

Is it perfect ?  No way !  But it sure beats the partisanship, the hostility, and the lack of closure that we see among our elected national officials today.

One simple example :  I like warm .  My  three bridge friends like cool.  Every Thursday and Sunday afternoons, I wear Cuddle Duds and sweats and my bridge buddies wear light weight tops and bottoms.  Thermostats are set in a middle-of-the-road temp. It’s called compromise, and it works…………….

A little more depth : I am Methodist.  My friends and family are  , in many cases , Presbyterian,  Baptist ,Episcopalian , Catholic, Pentecostal, and Jewish.   Our  bond is that we’re all on the same journey, just traveling  different paths.  And we meet in the middle with respect for each other and our faiths and it works………….

And even more profound :  I have been married for almost 64 years , most of them happy. I have loved Byron since I was 11 years old, but there have been times that I did not like him !  We have had differing ideas on how to spend money , rear children, ——-even what brand of toothpaste to purchase and what football team to cheer for !

But we compromised and we survived , agreeing to disagree and moving on,  and it works……………

But then there’s politics !  We elect candidates to represent us and hopefully , our best interests, and what we have is chaos , name-calling, discord ,  and very little accomplished in DC.    Absolutely little or no respect for differing views.

Frank Reagan, Police Commissioner on BLUE BLOODS, stated that there once was a time when COMPROMISE was a good word——-and useful, too.   Life is filled with situations and occasions that the only answer is to give a little and take a little in order to move forward.    We’ve all been there !

I am non-partisan.  I have yet to see one party that is always right and one party that is always wrong.

I don’t need—or want—labels.  I make decisions based on the best information I can get at the time, and that includes the candidates that I vote for.

One of my favorite personal political stories is when my sainted mother-in-law was visiting us in Winder some 50+ years ago.  She was a forever Democrat  ( as was much of Georgia in that era ) and it was time to vote for the President.  I voted in Barrow County for the Republican candidate and ,  because she did not drive,  I drove her to Carnesville to CANCEL MY VOTE.

And that, my friends, is compromise at its purest !