I worry about things out-of-my-control, knowing full well that I cannot change these things.   But  ” ME ” multiplied by thousands of  “YOU” who worry,  too,  can ,  and will  ,  make a difference.  Hence, my reaching out.

So, here goes, on the off-chance that my dear readers and friends share the same  ( or many of ) these concerns.

I worry ———-that our nation has become  ” soft “,  that the concept of entitlement has overtaken the concept of vision and focus and hard work.  Our nation was built on the backs of visionaries who had the dream and did the work.

This hit me hard when I read that some 40% of people polled felt that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.  The day after the Super Bowl,  a choice of pure entertainment and nothing more or less !!!!!!

Unreal !

I worry ———- that our nation has become weak, that our values are skewed, that we have lost the inclination and the ability to weigh situations and reach a reasonable conclusion .  Technology has made thinking obsolete, , but technology is here to stay ,  so the choice is whether it rules us or we rule it.

Our challenge is to do the research and respond for ourselves, which, somehow seems too difficult for too many people.  Our basic individual intellect seems stymied.

I worry ———- that our governing system of checks and balances is off-kilter.  Our founding fathers understood human nature and prevailed by establishing three branches :  Executive,  Legislative,  Judicial , to ensure that no group or individual will have too much power.

Somehow, somewhere, there seems to be a blurring of the lines that have been so clearly defined for 200+ years.   If so, the spill-over is dangerous.  Our nation , as it has thrived , has done so because the authors of the Constitution were wise , establishing  a system which ensures that no branch will assume too much control.

Lines MUST remain bold, steady, and relevant.  Anything less would be a disaster.

I worry ——— that over-development will eventually knock us down.  When I served Franklin County as its first Economic Developer, our focus was growth and more growth , the question being,  ” When will the interstate bring growth to our area  ? ”

And now that growth is here, the question is , ” Can our infrastructure handle it ? ”

Supply and demand :  we all learned about that in high school.  So now we’re seeing the demand begin.    THE SUPPLY  ?     It lies with water , sewer,  schools,  fire departments ,  law enforcement,  roads,  taxes, oversight, and on and on.

Are we ready ?

I am not opposed to change, nor to growth.  But they  do raise two  questions :

—– What plans are in place for 10 years down the road ?

—– Have unintended consequences been given due consideration ?


I worry ———- because I love our community, our state, our nation.

I worry ———- because partisan politics ( at the national level ) appears to have become the driving force in too many decisions.

I worry ———- because I appreciate balance in all things and have no use for extremes.

I worry ———-because I care.