There are big things and little things that nudge me all along, given certain circumstances, times, and people.  Some of the  BIGGIES are probably in many of  our minds and on many of our hearts :    loss of loved ones, serious illnesses, political hostilities, financial struggles, family dissension and on and on.

But it’s the recurring smaller worries that either stay with me or continue to recur.  Those things that could easily be corrected with just a little thought, just a little desire to reach out, just a little concern for the other fellow——–or just a little  ” get over yourself ” !

Here are some  ” disconcerns ” , found in too many instances from too many people  (  Is that a word ?   IF NOT, IT SHOULD BE !  ) …….

Harsh reality :   I read  recently that there was a shooting in Georgia in an area where some children were playing.  My response was what a terrible experience this must have been for them——–until the sheriff reported that most of the youngsters never stopped playing.  NEVER STOPPED PLAYING.  Already, at a young age, hardened to the reality of hurt and/or death.    Who are the parents  ?????      So sad——and it worries me.

Parking lots :  the number of drivers who have no regard for designated directions.  It is so dangerous and so foolish for people to drive the wrong way. Appropriately  parked cars are pulling out,   right-of-way drivers have no reason to be alert,  and pedestrians  feel that they only need to look one way.     So dangerous —–and it worries me.

Animal cruelty :  although serious abuse is a serious concern, the individual abuses that are pointless and cruel hurt me to the core !  Why would anybody tie a dog up outside with no food, water, or shelter————-when a simple release would free both dog and owner ?  And why would anybody house several animals and starve them to death……………when a simple release would free both pets and owner ?      So cruel——–and it worries me.

Handicapped parking :  in a small community it’s pretty common for citizens to know the reason for a handicapped tag or hanger in someone’s vehicle.   Which means that when a family member who is NOT handicapped parks in a handicapped designated spot without the disabled passenger, that’s an abuse of the privilege of the accommodation.     So selfish ——and it worries me.

Hair around food : recently Byron and I were in a local restaurant and sitting at a table nearby was an attractive ” twentiesh ” female with long  blonde hair.  She tossed it forward, tossed it backward, tied it back with a scrunchy, loosened the scrunchy , tossed it again…………..  you get the picture.    I spent my lunch thinking of all the hair that was floating around in the restaurant.      So rude ——and it worries me.

Vehicle lights :  drivers who either do not care, do not understand, or simply refuse to comply.  Headlights on vehicles are not there simply for the driver of that vehicle to see ahead;  they are there for the safety of other vehicles on the road.  Recently, Byron and I traveled to Athens for an appointment . The fog was so heavy that the meteorologists tabbed visibility  , ZERO .  Approximately one out of every seven or eight vehicles that we met on Highways 59 and 106 had no lights on.  Driver’s Ed teachers, listen up !     So foolish—–and it worries me.

Thank you :  the classy and classic day of writing and mailing thank you notes is fast fading, and it’s sad.  But a simple text or email takes no time and can , at the very least, show appreciation.  However, there seems to be a trend of  little or no gratitude, a trend that I find incomprehensible.  ( I do find that the checks get cashed ! ).  It represents the on-going culture of entitlement, of self-satisfaction, of disregard for the kindness and thoughtfulness of others, and for the simple act of appreciation.    So self-serving——–and it worries me.

( Muff thinks I am obsessed with the thank-yous, and she’s right !   THANKFULLY,  our family members let us know ( and other thoughtful people , I hope )  that they are grateful, perhaps because I’ve preached all these years ).

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