Or better yet :  ” Judge not, that ye be not judged “.  ( Matthew 7:1 )


A couple of personal experiences come to mind ———

Recently I was waiting in the car at a Walmart while Byron was inside picking up a few necessities. A twenty- something male walked by with AMAZING  dreadlocks, all the way to his waist, tattoos on the parts of his arms that weren’t covered , sun glasses hiding his eyes, and striding forward for all the world like a young man on a mission.   Sat there with Gracie , wondering……………

Fast forward :   out the door he comes ,  carrying a plastic bag and a bouquet of flowers !  Walking with him was an older man, possibly a brother.  They passed me by and I smiled and both men smiled.  Gone to their vehicle,  I assumed, and off to give some cute young thing the flowers.

Fast forward for the last time :   back he comes, friend/brother still beside him.  I lowered my window  and said ,  ” Thank you so much.  I didn’t know you cared “.   He looked puzzled , but the older man got it and laughed.  And I explained,  ” The flowers “.  He smiled the most beautiful smile , white teeth sparkling,  and said,  ” These are for my mother’s grave site.  She died a year ago. ”



Many, many years earlier when Chuck was two years old, Byron and I left him with Mother and Daddy for a quick get-away to the beach. Second night we went to a lovely ocean-side restaurant for a  “real” grown-up dinner and sat on the patio until our table was available.  Watching all the dinner guests come and go was our entertainment.

Walking by us was a group of male teens, having arrived on motorcycles. Helmets still on  ( if slightly skewed ), piercings anywhere that we could see, droopy britches, long hair——-you get the picture .  I commented to Byron that I really hoped that Chuck would NOT grow up to be like that !

A few minutes later another group of male teens walked by, having arrived in classic vehicles.  They were preppy all the way : styled haircuts, shirts with collars and tiny symbols , pressed slacks, leather loafers——you get the picture.  I commented to Byron that I really hoped that Chuck WOULD grow up to be like that !

And then our peaceful evening was interrupted by the arrival of several law enforcement personnel who hurriedly entered the restaurant,  obviously focused and definitely on a mission !

Within minutes out they came with all the well-dressed, preppy kids in tow—–and in handcuffs !!!!!!!           Lesson learned that served me well all those years while loving and disciplining kids at our high school !


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