Simple New Year wishes, skipping the MOST important  ( faith, family, and friends )  because  others can ,  and will ,   express that better than I.

Just a few , close to my heart :

—–that discarded and abused dogs and cats will find love

—–that race and gender will take a back seat to character and acceptance

—–that families will appreciate each other, continuing to find common ground

—–that there will always be four seasons

—–that all politicians will, somehow and in all ways, become statesmen

—– that no one will ever be hungry

—–that teachers will be given both the respect and the latitude that they have earned

—–that we all appreciate the availability and value of water

—–that we hold fast to our own faith but acknowledge and respect the faith of others

—–that birds will always find a feeder

—–that child abuse will come to an end, forever and ever

—–that print media will never die

—–that the time will come when doors no longer have to be locked

—–that ,  in spite of my prior intent ,  I do wish my faith to remain strong, my family to always be happy and healthy, and my friends to remain close

—–and that all of you have a peaceful new year.