Have we forgotten how to say,  “THANK YOU” ?

It is sad for me that expressing appreciation for good deeds, gifts  ( both large and small ), hospitality, and charity has diminished almost to the point of no return.  I say this , regretfully, because it is another indication of our culture of entitlement.

And it is easier now than it has ever been with texting, emails, and cell phones.  And yet wedding gifts, graduation gifts, baby gifts, and untold others are generously given in celebration, but gratitude lags.

So I will start with something dear to my heart :

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  !   My blog was created during the pandemic as relief and therapy for 2 years of boredom. I am in awe of the comments, the sharing, the dialogue, the memories, the connections from you, my readers and my friends.

It is indeed heart-warming.

So, thank you to all who read my blogs .  And thank you, Shane, for lifting my blogs and creating my column in the Citizen-Leader.  And thank you, newspaper readers , who speak to me in restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, church and on the street………….

It is indeed heart-warming.

So, whom have you thanked  and/or who has thanked you ?

Through the years,  gratitude has come my way and in some cases, some 15-20 years after the fact.  No matter.  It means as much, or MORE , to know that the memories linger and the appreciation has not died.

Here are a few that are notable,  deserving recognition for their gratitude and transparency :

—– from a gifted female , highly specialized, but not certified  , given an opportunity at the high school  ( email )

—– from a  black female student in years past, stating that I “bugged” her, but now , successful , she is grateful for that  ( face-to-face )

—– from the family of my much loved Nanny, whose eulogy I did several years ago  ( multi-ways )

—– from a Toney niece  ( text )

—– from a professional and personal friend , a memorandum of tips ( mail )

—–from a former 1960’s Winder-Barrow High student , a personally crafted prayer box  ( mail )

—–from a middle school male teacher who needed a new challenge ( email )

—–from a lovely bride  ( mail )

—–from a retired Superior Court Judge, who liked my newspaper column ( telephone call )

—–from the  ” grands ” who remember the 20+ years of sleep-overs ( multi-ways )

Just a representative few out of many, but, oh, they make my heart sing !

It has been said, and , unfortunately , proven way too many times , that gratitude is the shortest-lived emotion.  Although I try ,  I, too, fall short. even knowing how much I have to be grateful for, how blessed I have been, how many people have helped me up when I have floundered, how I have been a survivor through the tough times, and how life has circled around for me.

To all of you who have , somehow, along the way, given me what I needed when I needed, I send a THANK YOU !