Do you ponder and wonder ?

I ponder and wonder :

—–if we ( taxpayers ) were allowed to allocate where our money is spent, would we see a difference in services ?

—–if all of us showed unending compassion and caring for just one lonely or lost person for the remainder of his/her life, would we see less angst ?

—–if Noah’s ark had sunk, would we all be here ?

—–if pundits were silenced , could we even think for ourselves ?

—–if Commissioner Frank Reagan on BLUE BLOODS is right when he says that everybody has a public life, a private life, and a secret life ?

—–if traits like consensus, moderation, discourse, compromise have become obsolete , never to return ?

—–if our beloved pets could talk, what they would say about us ?

—–if language were cloned,  racketeering  and meddling would be______ ( you fill in the blank )  ?

—–if relationships were easy, would they still be meaningful ?

—–if elected officials  (some) really understand the end results of ignoring constituent communication ?

—–if the sun fails to rise in the morning, will the Republicans and Democrats blame each other ?

—–if men gave birth, would populations decrease ?

—–if God’s grace will ever abstain ?

—–if gifts and favors might actually be acknowledged again ( as in the past ) with a simple ” Thank You ” ?

—–if Democrats  ” lean ” left , and Republicans ” lean ” right, who  “leans ” to unity, consensus, compromise, and respect ?

—–if people change , or if we are just what we are ?

—–if anyone is even reading this ?