I’m sharing some gems of wisdom from ordinary people just like you and me.  Or perhaps they are extraordinary for they have no titles : no kings, no presidents, no emperors, no poets, no celebrities ———–just good solid advice from people who have  ” been there and done that ” !


” QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE RAIN AND BUILD AN ARK ” :  my graduate advisor and mentor at Clemson University——–

How much satisfaction would we find world-wide if the powers-that-be would adhere to this advice, and if those of us who grumble and complain at every discomfort would seek solutions instead of bemoaning our fate.

So, build an ark.


“IF IT’S NOT IN THE BIBLE, IT SHOULD BE ” :  former much-loved pastor at Lavonia First Methodist Church…………..

Such a down-home simple way to hand out good solid Christian love without  ” preaching “.  Sometimes we all just need to hear the message in our own terms, at our own level and take it out into the world.

You know, it probably is in the Bible.


” MORALE IS ALWAYS HIGH WHEN FIGHTING A COMMON MONSTER ” :  former principal at Franklin County High School……

This truism stemmed from a bad political situation in the Franklin County School District some 30 + years ago.  Times were tough , and the tough had to get moving.  School personnel, parents, and community movers and shakers rallied to change the make-up of the school board.  It was a classic case of a common cause creating a powerful force and overcoming.

Join together to fight the monster.


” BIRTHDAYS NEED CELEBRATION ” :  former kindergarten teacher at Winder First Methodist…..

A child’s birthday .  No father in the family.  Mother and grandmother hosting a party for 5-year old boy who was withdrawn and friendless.  Our own child resisted.   Best advice :  ” There is a need; take care of it  ” !     We did;   he did   ( and was the only child who attended the  birthday party ).  This hits home.   How often do we allow our personal comfort  to overtake reaching out to others  ?

Remember that somebody needs you.


“ALWAYS LEAVE A PARTY WHILE YOU’RE HAVING A GOOD TIME ” :  my very own sweet daddy, George Seaborn Haley……….

Probably the best advice I ever had although there were times I failed to follow it !  When we’re at the summit and things are going well and accomplishments are noted and success feels good—–the time has come to walk away.  Note the number of celebrities, politicians, athletes who fail to heed this advice and instead of leaving in a burst of glory, they leave hanging their heads in defeat.

Leave the party while you’re still having fun.


There are others , of course, but these have served as somewhat of a road map for me through the years.  I wish I could say that I have always heeded, but, sadly , not true , not true by a long shot !!!    But I’m still trying………..

So from the hearts of good people  ( a professor, a preacher, a principal, a teacher, and a daddy  ) , simple but wise words have been shared.

The question remains :  do we hear ?

Build an ark.

Carry the good word forward.

Rally the people for what you believe.

Make choices that benefit others.

Always  leave the party while you’re having fun .


All the pundits in this world of ours could not have delivered a clearer message than these five ordinary people——- people just like us.