Wondering if it’s too much to ask that local elected officials respond to emails from constituents ? Just a simple ” Thank you ” would suffice.  And a special THANK YOU  to those who always do  ( Jason Macomson, Courtney Umbehant, Alan Powell , and Gary Minyard  come to mind )  !

Wondering why we live in a culture of being happiest when we’re unhappy ? Social media has enhanced that attitude, and too many people are thriving on it. If you list the pros and cons of your life, literally list them on paper or computer, I sincerely believe that you will find your blessings to be overwhelming. Give it a try…..

Remembering high schools that I loved and that molded me, for better or for worse……….

My four years at Lavonia High, long since gone but not forgotten, cemented a passion for friendships, traditions, learning, and memories. Small and comfortable, it offered a home away from home in every sense of the word. Everybody knew everybody, and no action, good or bad, escaped notice. My 1956 class claimed 48 graduates, and , to the best of my knowledge, we all were prepared for our futures. Some went to college, some into the work force, some into the armed services, but none on the public dole.

A job well done !  It was truly the village that raised the child .


Winder-Barrow High School created my passion for education and teens. My degree in Journalism plunged when I stepped into the classroom and took notice of a room of bright, capable, and happy WBHS senior English students, many that I’m still in contact with .. My almost four years of teaching there  still rank as some of the greatest times in my life. I will forever be grateful to Superintendent Osborne for taking an unknown and giving me the opportunity to reach out. His only advice : ” Mrs. Toney, do what you think that will make them successful when they leave this place . ”    What a concept !!!!

I tell people that when I die, my soul, such as it is , will float over the property where the high school stood.


And then the glory of Franklin County High School, the beloved summit reached. A more-or-less fluke for the kick-off with a new principal from Mississippi needing an English teacher in an emergency.  Much was learned from him.  On to administration the following year and the rest is history. Funny stories, extraordinary teachers, supportive staff, naysayers, marginal teachers, custodians who offered more than maintenance, superior students, lazy students, marginalized students, just plain criminal students, special interest employees, outstanding assistants who taught me much and always had my back , and on and on. It is the mix and the diversity that stimulated, that made me happy to be at FCHS every day in every way. What more can a gal ask for than to lead in such a culture ?

At one faculty meeting I referred to the faculty and staff as a quilt with all the odd pieces combining to make something beautiful. And that, my friends, sums up our beloved Franklin County High School !


Although I write only as the mood strikes, and for my own therapy during this health crisis, I do hope that sometimes, somewhere along the way, I strike a chord with you that brings back special memories or gives you thought.  My words are simply my words…………..and that is all.