You all know how it is with Facebook :  post, reply, scroll, delete ……and sometimes , think !  I saw a post the other day that made me think.

This post that made me think had to do with Covid :  the sickness, the deaths, and the vaccinations and masks.  And the writer of  this post stated unequivocably that she had no interest in listening to any advice concerning the virus, that God would protect her without any interference from anybody or anything else.  And I began to wonder how all the people who have suffered from Covid, who have lost family and friends to this terrible disease, who have agonized over their separation during hospitalization, reacted to this statement.  Did God desert them, only to take care of this one woman ?

God made us the whole person .  He gave us ears to hear,  eyes to see,  tongues to talk, lungs to breathe, arms to hold,  legs to walk,  and BRAINS to think . No matter our position on masks and vaccinations , it is our responsibility and PRIVILEGE to use our God-given brain !

I believe in prayer; I believe in power of prayer;  I believe God answers prayers.  First prayer was   ” Now I lay me down to sleep…. ” . First blessing,  ” Thank you for the food we eat.  Thank you for the friends we meet.  ( My mother told me that I said,  ” friends we eat ! ” ).

I grew up attending Sunday School,  church,  revivals,  vacation Bible School,  at least 3 church camps:  Camp Mikell ( Episcopal ),  Camp Pinnacle ( Baptist ) , Hartwell Campground ( Methodist ). I was  schooled, soaked in the Holy Spirit and proud of it. Byron and I assumed leadership positions  and reared our children in the church.  We supported  ( and support ) financially as generously as we can.  We believe the church to be a visible sign of good works and Christian attitude.

My friends  range from Pentecostal to Catholic and all  denominations in between. As a child growing up , I spent as much time at First Baptist in Lavonia as I did First Methodist in Lavonia where I was and am now a member.  I faithfully went to both BTU ( Baptist Training Union ) and MYF ( Methodist Youth Fellowship ). I was a happy and loyal member of Sunbeams at First Baptist with Sarah Bullard, who was, in my opinion, the ultimate Christian woman:  kind, caring, and no-nonsense.  My mother was Presbyterian so I experienced the grace of that denomination as well. My hand has held the hand of God at many levels and in many instances.

But in the comfort zone of being a  ” do-the-best-I-can ”  Christian, I find myself returning to the most basic concept of loving and praising a God who cries out, ”  I am very busy .  I have sparrows to watch over, fish in the seas, babies who cry, old people who suffer, dogs who hurt, teachers who struggle, children who hunger, pastors who pray, fathers who misunderstand, mothers who love, power brokers who deceive, criminals who regret, drunks who misstep, church goers who sin, politicians who lie, celebrities who mislead, people who try, doctors who  heal, nurses who provide, and people who understand and those who don’t. ”

God is tending to unloved children, abused animals, domestic violence, terrorism, wars, poverty, ungodly people…..and with the woman who is relying on Him, and Him alone , to take care of her.

I say to this woman that she continue her prayers in her faith.  But rather than asking that He do it all, instead ask that His will be done in all things.    He cares…… of course He cares…… but He gave us all brains…………………….

I saw a meme that someone posted that was profound in its simplicity.

————An old farmer was leaning on a shovel.  The caption read,