What better time to ponder than the beginning of a new year, eliminating the regrets and appreciating the blessings. So here goes with my thoughts. Please share yours in the comment section………

I am tired of SUPERLATIVES ! Over and over again we hear “best”, “worst”, “greatest”, “nastiest”, “sweetest”, and on and on. Whatever happened to modifiers ?

Looking back on the strange two years that we have encountered, I learned a couple of things that I hope stay with me : the majority of people are nice, courteous, and responsible———and Byron and I can be with each other 24/7 without a murder in the house !!!!!!!

I believe that , of all the angst and hostilities found in our partisan politics, what bothers me the most is the hypocrisy. Think about it. One party accuses a politician of a wrongdoing or a misstep, but when the same act occurs in the accusing party, no statements are made and no comments rescinded.

Thinking Gracie :  maybe the love of a dog is the purest of all.

Perhaps people in positions of authority, power, and responsibility to a diverse group of people should use caution when it comes to statements on Facebook, remembering that it actually is a large bulletin board that almost anyone can peruse. And I am not just referring to politicians ; I’m thinking educators, coaches, preachers, publishers, and on and on.

Student athletes making a profit doesn’t set well with me. First of all, they are still kids. Second of all, they are college kids and not professionals. And third of all, they are earning a degree ( hopefully ! ) which is paid for and is the best insurance for a successful future that they could possibly have.

Seeing the news about a time capsule being recovered reminds me of two time capsules that I was a part of. Back in the early 50s Darby Cannon, III, and I “planted ” one in these woods that I was living in then and am living in now. Know approximately where but have no idea if it is on our property or the Robolin’s. And the other would have a little more significance. In the late 70s and early 80s, I was a member of the FC School Board and Helen Brown was teaching English at the high school. She and I organized a burial of a time capsule representing that era. Once the school was remodeled and the front dug up and graded, I have no idea that it will ever be located. It really is a shame…………….

Johnny Isakson : one of the rare politicians who respected his party’s agenda, weighed carefully all facts and opinions, reached across the aisle for consensus, listened to his opponents as well as his supporters, and stated that everyone was a friend or a future friend. Truly a gentleman and a statesman.

There are a few things that I find myself wondering about. One is why the speed limit on the by-pass between Lavonia and Toccoa is still 55 MPH. Another is why nature and nurture so often disagree. And a third is why drivers are so angry. There are many, many more but these just came to mind.

The new year reminds me of old years which led me to the fact that Byron and I have been married almost 62 years, come April 20, 2022. Which leads me to Chuck and Laura who have been married almost 33 years, come April 2, 2022. And then on to Muff and Dennis, who have been married 29 years , October 17. 2021. What a blessing ! And we have four of the six grands who have married in the last few years. My hope is that the vows will never be forgotten and the legacy will continue. Times will be tough, anger will flare, disappointments will come. But love and loyalty and determination can, and will, override the obstacles. You can count on it.