No endorsement, no preferences indicated, no swaying of opinions  already made based on fact and sound reasoning.  Simply a statement of those traits that I value in any leader at any level in any capacity.

Sharing some of the leadership qualities that I admire, and although I am thinking, specifically, at the local level, these same attributes apply statewide and nationally.

—–Integrity :  without honesty and transparency there is no leadership.  Any person in a position of power who is devious and slippery will do irrefutable harm.  No trust, no success.

—–Balance :  a combination of good will, sound judgment, and the greater good are earmarks of a stable and sincere leader.  Personal agendas can be killers.

—–Intelligence : those who assume leadership roles must be smarter than their followers.  If not , chaos will occur as they are led down a road that is unknown , unwanted, and unacceptable .  Intelligence is innate;  has little or nothing to do with a formal education.

—–Experience :  lack of experience for leaders is a disaster.  Going through the learning experience, working the work, and observing great leaders are a beginner’s road map.  The  ” already-know-it-all ”  attitude is a disaster in the making.

—–Expertise : the ability to put to use  gifts and talents.  Expertise comes from much experience and  ” grinding away ”  and understanding that it is never easy.

—–Passion :  the heart and soul of it all.  If the calling is not the “end-all” , the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, and the innate desire to make the right decisions at the right time , then it is useless..

I don’t profess to have all the answers.  I confess that I have not made the best voter choices all the time.  I struggle with my heart and my head when they disagree.  I shudder at some reasoning I hear from other voters.  I worry that I don’t know the whole story.  But I do my research.  I say my prayers.  I make my own decisions based on the best information I have.

Am I always right ?  Absolutely not.  But I am not blind nor deaf, so I read and I listen.

And I believe in my city, my county, my country.  And I believe in the process of having my very tiny say.  And I vote, faithfully, happily, and , hopefully,  RIGHT  ( whatever that might be ! ).

And to all of my friends who are reading this ,

“Take a minute to think of how you would describe the leader you will vote for “.