Were the good ole days really the bad ole days ?  You decide and add your own observations in the comment section below.

Some thoughts………………….

Journalistic ethics assured truth in advertising

Polio crippled and killed children by the thousands

A man’s ( woman’s ) word was his honor

Antibiotics were not available

Porches were social media

Votes were bought with a pint of liquor

Teachers were respected by parents

Vehicles were rarely heated or cooled

Political power was often subtle

Family doctors treated all ailments

Misbehaving children were spanked ( including school paddlings)

Facts were news ; opinions were editorials

Georgia Tech was a football power

Lawsuits were not the norm

There was no support for children with special needs

Girls wore skirts; boys wore pants

Schools were the heart of the community

There was quail-hunting in Georgia

A college education was for the financially comfortable only

Bootleggers were legit ( albeit ” illegally legit “)

Patriotism was high and the livin’ was pretty easy ( for some of us ! )

My view and mine only.  Looking in the rear view mirror can , and often will, give a distorted view.  But sometimes it’s all we have.