Everybody in the South has favorite snow stories.  It comes with the territory of the unusual.  I’m going to share a couple or so, and , hopefully, you might comment on your own stories and or share this BLOG so that others might remember.


When the forecast for the Georgia blizzard  in the ’90s suddenly seemed real, instead of just a figment of some meteorologist’s imagination, we got real, too, doing the  ” bread and milk ” thing that Southerners do when the first flake is mentioned.  But along with our own needs, we thought of two elderly neighbors who might appreciate some help



So, Byron’s first contact was Mr. Hackney , a widower, who lived across the street from us on Vickery in Lavonia.  Mr. Hackney was well into his 8Os, and we felt that he probably would just as soon not get out in a serious snow storm.  Byron walked across the street and explained that he was going to the grocery and the drugstore and would be happy to get him whatever he needed or wanted.  Mr. Hackney graciously thanked him for his offer, but said,  ” I am on my way to Dill’s myself to help all those old people get their groceries to their car ! ”

So , there you have it : priorities………


Our next door neighbor was Betty W., a long-time divorcee with no children and fast approaching 80 herself.  Byron walked over to her house, having the same conversation with Betty : grocery and drugstore.  Betty hesitated a minute, then stated that she really was in good shape as far as those particular offerings were concerned.  But then she added,  ” If you could stop by the liquor store, I would really appreciate a fifth of bourbon ! ”

So, there you have it : priorities……..


One more and I’m through.  In the winter of 196O, I was doing my practice teaching at Gainesville High School.  March blew in and for 3 straight weeks on Wednesdays , school had to be released early because of serious snow.   Now Byron and I were to be married on the 20th of April that year, and , as was customary in those days, many bridal parties were scheduled in Lavonia for the following week-ends in March.  No way possible for me to drive from Gainesville to Lavonia in those weather conditions, so luncheons, bridge parties,  showers,  dinners—— and on and on were cancelled.  Not a happy bride-to-be was this student teacher !!!   However, snow storms would never upend long-standing plans for fun and games.  Friends of Mother’s and the mothers of my friends worked it out so that party upon party was re-scheduled in April, and , to the best of my knowledge, all was well in the end.   But it is , indeed,  a snow story that has stayed with me a long, long time.


So, all that being said, I’m looking forward to snow.  I find it to be not only beautiful, but both exciting and peaceful at the same time.  It brings a sense of the  “out-of-the-ordinary ” while at the same time closing the world around us like a big white blanket.  I tend to be a romantic; I find snow to be poetry.