Not including family because that’s a different story for a different day.

Along the way, some of the lessons I’ve learned from very wise people whom I met on my journey.   Incidental maybe, but lasting………..and, oh, so true.

—–Randal Massengill , Methodist pastor :   profound sermons can be shared in simple homilies.

—–Nannie Sue Maret , 7th grade teacher :   language is the anchor of influence.

—–Gordon Telford, Sr. ,  mover and shaker :   protocol should be followed even if displeasing to the heart.

—–Jeff Davis, administrator/coach :   the higher the flag pole, the harder the wind blows ( referencing leadership ).

—–D.F.Osborne , Winder-Barrow School Superintendent  :  teaching from the heart is equally  as important as teaching from the head.

—–Frank Harbin, mover and shaker :  anything worth doing should have been done yesterday.

—–Jack Smith, Lavonia High teacher/coach :   high school crushes are a way for the heart to mature.

—–Peggy Gaines Bruce ,  Sunday School teacher :   self -discipline is a key component of Christian living.

—–Martha Draper ,  older Winder friend  :  public speaking can be learned and nurtured.

—–Ed Bryant , Franklin County School Superintendent :  wait and see ; sometimes problems correct themselves.

—–Romeo Adams, mover and shaker :  the value of anything is determined by the investment someone will make in it.

—–Bobby Berryman, Baptist pastor :  without a means of moving from spot to spot, nothing can be accomplished.

—–Miss (?) Bennett,  Lavonia High teacher :   ” Chesapeake Bay was a great general ! ”   Taught me that  good math teachers are not necessarily creditable social studies teachers.

—–David Williams, life-long friend :  small town values create the foundation for a successful  life.

—–Trish Swails,  FCHS counselor :   praying for patience will test you.

—–Andy Hill, attorney :   rarely are estates settled agreeably unless there is no money/property OR  there is just one heir.

—–Jack Slaton, FCHS principal :  looking for the good things is the best way.

—–Dean Drewry, Grady School of Journalism (UGA ) :   advertising is the very backbone of democracy.

—–And then there’s me :   more white space makes reading easier.