So many things that I wonder about.    No particular reason, no particular timing, no particular bias——–just random thoughts.   Opinions abound and facts are often scarce.


Are you concerned, as I am, about the magnitude of lies and more lies on social media ?  If it’s written, it’s believed and re-posted ——-and rumors become facts  and truth is forever buried.  Ignorance prevails !

What would we do without paper ?  Do we ever really consider what paper means to our quality of life ?

How often are serious decisions made without any thought given to  ” unintended consequences ”  ?   Frightening examples of this :  too many hand-outs lead to a culture of dependency ;  rigid partisanship creates a political environment that serves only to alienate;   unwanted babies are neglected, abused, or worse ;   adding employees or increasing wages makes prices increase.    Hence, the circle is unbroken , and the list goes on and on.   Unintended consequences…………just a few of many.

Isn’t it true that some people are just plain evil ?   Not sick, but evil ?

If the Supreme Court found something to be un-Constitutional 30-40-50 years ago, how can it be Constitutionally sound today ?    The Constitution has not changed.  And  same is true of finding something that upheld the Constitution several decades ago and in the 21st century, no longer true.   Interpretation, always interpretation.

Why do we fuss about meteorologists when the forecast is wrong ? They are, after all, just human beings doing the best job they can.  Are we perfect in our jobs ?

Do we truly understand that prayer has never left schools ?  The law has only disallowed school employees to lead in prayer.  If you don’t believe school prayer exists , drop by  the flag pole at the high school on a given day or an Advanced Placement Physics class on exam day !!!!  Student prayers abound……………

How did God’s weather become political ?

Ever wonder about the amount of money that college football coaches make ?  I love college ball as much as the next fan  ( Georgia and Clemson, both alma maters ) but millions of dollars a year in salary——for us to be entertained  on Saturdays  ??????

Do we  ” get it ”  that allowing a Christian school employee to pray publicly on school property opens the door for any religion/cult to do the same ?    Unintended consequences………..

Don’t we all  see or hear about angels every day in every way who do NOT have wings or a halo ?  They abound………. in the grocery, at the ballgames, in schools, at meetings, in uniform, at the hospitals, on the sidewalks , and you can name your own.

How often do we give serious thought to the amount of time and money we give simply to be entertained———-as opposed to time and money given to truly be touched:   intellectually, spiritually, and physically ?  Think on that for a minute !

I could go on and on about my  “wonderings” .  I could talk about fishes in the sea, birds in the sky, God in His heaven, but I hope, instead, that you will wonder yourself and, perhaps, add to mine.