There’s some truth in Robert Browning’s poem,  ” Rabbi Ben Ezra “.  But  “old ” in his day was about 45 !   In today’s world, in our great nation,  “old”  doesn’t happen until  we let it.  Some people are born  “old “, and some die  ” young  ” ,  regardless of their chronological age.

But from my perspective, in my winter years, here is the upside :

—–I’m still alive.

—–I’m vertical.

—–I’m independent.

—–I have 6 young adult grands, who bring me much happiness and pride.

—–I have been married ( happily, for the most part ! ) for 62 years.

—–I play bridge a couple of times a week.

—–I am warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

—–I am wiser than I was 20 years ago.

—–I don’t hear as well;  I don’t see as well;  I don’t walk as well…..but it simply does not matter ,  as well.

—–I can  answer about as many Jeopardy questions as I’ve ever been able to  ;  I have maintained a 99% success rate on Wordle ;  I’m seriously competitive at the bridge table ;  I write and people actually read  and comment ;   I can hold my own in political , educational,  and theological discussions, and I only forget a few things , a few times.

Here are some of things that I am happy to have left behind :  alarm clocks ;  hair color ;  dress pants  ;  high heels ;   being careful with remarks and/or opinions ;  balanced meals ;  dressing before noon;   ironing  ;   pretending to like everybody;   panty hose ;   cooking ;    shopping ;  schedules ;   perms and settings;   waist cinchers  and crinolins  ;   our jean store  ;    pocketbooks ——and thinking that I had some sort of obligation to appease everybody about everything.

Here are some things that I enjoy about living this long :    memories  ;  sneakers ;  a broader perspective ;  Gracie ;  sweatshirts/ pants  ;    old  friends ;   young  friends;   new friends ;  wisdom ;  church ;   re-reading much loved books ;   technology;   Roberts Woods ;   respect ;    writing ;   pie from Main Street 211 ;    naps ;   leadership positions ;   our housekeeper ;   our yard man ——— AND AT THE TOP :     Byron and our children and the six grands and all the family additions through the years and continuing.  I can count my blessings and name them one-by-one.

” Grow old along with me.  The best is yet to be “………………….for sure !