The poets say it best.

“God’s in His heaven – /  All’s right with the world  ! ”  ( Robert Browning ; circa 1841 )

Faith at its best in nine simple words.

Inhale, absorb, believe……………..

As we bemoan the angst, hostility, and negativity in our nation today, let us not lose sight of all that is good.

We continue to be blessed with a military to secure us, doctors and nurses to cure us, pastors to assure us, and friends to hold our hands through the tough times.

Lest we forget :

roses without thorns would be just ditch flowers  :  easy come, easy go.

relationships without struggles would be weak  : easy come, easy go.

love without disappointments would be unrealistic  : easy come, easy go.

families without disagreements would be  impossible  : easy come, easy go.

life without sadness would be unappreciated  :  easy come, easy go.

We were never promised tranquility.

We ARE promised faith.

The poets always say it best.

“God’s in His Heaven – /   All’s right with the world ” !

And that , my friends, is the answer.