Most angels have no halos, no wings, no white robes, no harps. Most angels are right here beside us, every day in every way, bagging our groceries, cleaning our teeth, teaching our children, sitting our pets, cutting our hair, cooking our take-outs——-and on and on. You get the point.

Take Beth and Eddie, for example.

Beth is at our house faithfully every Tuesday morning, and like the postal service, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow stop her from showing up. She is a small woman, but strong and quick, driving a HUGE white truck loaded with all those “goodies” that make a house look clean, smell clean, and BE clean. We have cleaning products, of course ( which I rarely use, knowing that Beth will arrive shortly ), but she always brings something newer and better, including her own vacuum cleaner. One of her greatest assets is that she sees what needs attention and responds. She is truly special !

She has many true loves in her life ( husband, daughter, grandson ) but none as addictive as her cigarettes and her energy drinks ! Part of her routine is taking a break and sitting outside with a few of her favorite things . And on occasion Byron joins her with his much-loved pipe and together they solve all the world problems.

Beth has been our faithful once-a-week- housekeeper since 1991, on Vickery Street the year before Muff and Dennis married. That ‘s almost 30 years ! I don’t need an angel with halo and wings. I HAVE BETH…………

And then there’s Eddie, our yard ( woods ) man. Eddie could not be more different from Beth, and it has nothing to do with gender or race, but instead with personality and interests. To Eddie time is of little consequence, and we call when we need him, and he never lets us down. He has his own internal clock and we have learned to adjust. He loves to visit, to talk, to praise God at every opportunity ( Byron also sits outside with Eddie and visits during a break ) but none of that interferes with a day’s work for a day’s dollar. He won’t come early, but he does stay late, and he takes much pride in doing everything right.

He plants, he weeds, he picks up, he cuts grass, he trims shrubbery, he cleans gutters and windows, he cuts and stacks small trees, but his most favorite time of the work day is when he can use the blower on the deck and the drive. Our drive is very long and meandering, quite a challenge, but Byron says that in spite of the distance, Eddie continues to “blow” all the way to First Baptist !

Eddie has been our faithful ” whenever-we-need-him” yard man since we built our house in the woods. That’s 20+ years. I don’t need an angel with a halo and wings. I HAVE EDDIE………………..

I know you have your own angels. Tell us about them in the COMMENT section and please share this with others who might remember theirs.